Self-paced extra lessons on a tablet, for all grades and key subjects

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Some tutors and small organisations often only deal with a few children at a time, and don’t need a full School in a Box – nor do they need the data saving that comes with our caching solution. For these scenarios, we have a single tablet solution too:

A single 7″ Lenovo tablet, including a keyboard cover, with access to all lessons from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

Great for homeschoolers!

The major benefit of a home-school is self-paced learning. This allows children to work through material however it suits them, whether that be faster or slower than their peers.

In a mainstream school environment, there would be few opportunities for diagnosing and remediating problem areas in various academic subjects. With School-in- a-box SOLO in a home-school environment, diagnosis and remediation can ultimately lead to extension in any subject area.

Children with a particular interest in one subject can work faster through the material and extend their knowledge in this field. Where necessary, students can work through material more slowly, or at a mainstream-school pace.

The allowance of remediation and the availability of extension material ensures that the student in the home-school can grow in confidence and esteem of their academic abilities, at a pace that is comfortable for them.

The material is interactive and requires the students are self-motivated to develop through their learning experience.

While there is no set “homework” there are more than enough opportunities for students to continue investigating concepts on their own, as the websites and YouTube channels used are clearly referenced.

The School-in- a-box SOLO kit includes a keyboard case, to enable a full e-learning experience to enhance the goals of the home-school.