A School in a Box is all you need to provide academic support and extra lessons for up to 100 children, from age 5 to 18 (Grade 1 to Matric in South Africa), in English, maths, science and computer coding. A School in a Box can be used without charging learners, or a small fee can be charged to cover the costs of a facilitator.

The education crisis in South Africa, where the School in a Box was birthed, shows little sign of abating:

  • Over 50% of young adults are unemployed and largely unemployable due to a lack of basic skills
  • Our maths and science education continually rate in the bottom 5% of all education systems worldwide.
  • Almost 60% of learners who start Grade 1 don’t make matric.


As Johann Rupert said, we are creating “a new generation of slavery”

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Facilities using School in a Box

The School in a Box is designed to assist those in countries across the world who are working to solve this crisis: operators of after care programmes and homework clubs, NGOs working in needy communities, private and public schools, as well as concerned citizens making an effort to help in their own communities.Current clients include schools, churches and NGOs across South Africa, as well as schools in Zambia.


Skills Development and Corporate Training

The School in a Box can be easily customised to include skills development curricula, unique to companies working in areas where there are ongoing skills shortages.

According to the New Role of Business in Global Education, a report by FSG and the Shared Value Initiative, “Too many students… graduate with gaps in hard or soft skills too deep for corporate training programs to bridge… Companies that create shared value have a profoundly different mindset for engaging with education. Instead of waiting for the education system to produce trained talent, they become participants in designing and delivering education themselves.”

As the authors note, “this imperative is strongest in industries of rapid growth or regions with weaker schools, [but] every company has to create shared value in this way.”
“What’s needed is bold leadership from more companies willing to stake a claim on the close connection between their financial success and the success of their surrounding education ecosystem.”

Companies who are seeking to take the initiative by impacting their local communities while equipping its members for the workplace, can do this effectively and affordably through the School in a Box (either at school level or later as employees): custom content can be added at a nominal fee.


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