About us

School in a Box is a non-profit organisation which was founded in South Africa in March 2015. The passion behind this NGO is to develop and provide collaborative, scalable educational platforms to connect, equip and empower people in Southern Africa.

We are a Social Business. That means that we work to address a social issue, in this case, education. We are financially self-sustainable, and any profits are reinvested in the social focus. The purpose of profit is to advance the process of giving back to the community. Business owners and investors do not receive any dividend, except for the obvious benefits of contributing towards educating and healing a nation. Helping people by teaching them, increases business opportunities in the future.


A School in a Box is all you need to provide academic support for up to 100 children, from age 5 to 18 (Grade 1 to 12). From English to Computer Coding, School in a Box can help learners to achieve their full potential. And that’s not all; students also have access to a vast library in South Africa’s 11 official languages. Visit our Work with us page to see how you can partner with us.

School in a Box is registered in South Africa as a Public Benefit Organisation which allows us to issue Section 18a tax certificates for donations of cash or in kind.


Our exceptional Board of Directors comprises: