Free Content

Finding content for your children to do in this time of Lockdown can be overwhelming. As parents and educators, you are being bombarded with several links and various channels where you can find a lesson for each topic. School in a Box would like to offer a solution so that you can cancel out the noise and narrow your child’s focus onto one channel of learning, from grade 1 to 12.

School in a Box is an NGO with a passion for education. We do not want that learning to end and have decided to offer FREE content for 30 days. No strings attached, no spamming your inbox, no trial period, absolutely free access to all content!

This is your one-stop link to online learning while schools are closed. Maths, English, Social and Natural Science, Coding, and so much more. Students can also hone their knowledge with study guides and past papers. An online library provides hours of reading for the book worms, and also teacher resources.

To gain access to this amazing one-stop learning platform, email your name, surname, email address, contact number and grade to or WhatsApp 063 234 0558 for your unique username and password. You will also receive the URL to access the login page.

Enjoy and happy learning!

Complete form to receive free lockdown access. If you have more than one child, please complete one form per child.