Zimbabwe, Cape Town
We are working with local entrepreneurs to develop a way of using the School in a Box as a tool able to completely operate micro-schools in multiple contexts. We’ve also developed a solar power kit, which is being used for this project. Our project manager is piloting a similar test centre in Mitchell’s Plain, South Africa.

National Lotteries Commission

Active Citizenship Project
A project funded by the National Lotteries Commission, using the School in a Box to not only educate learners, but also to identify and report on major societal and community concerns in wards across South Africa with a view to reducing protest action and allowing more focused service delivery.

Multi-grade Project
Ten schools in rural KwaZulu Natal are some of the 3000+ schools in South Africa alone with multi-grade classes. Imagine teaching learners from two to three different grades in a single class, with minimal resources. The School in a Box is clearly a potential solution to this large-scale challenge. In addition, learners from these schools are learning how to code using the offline lessons contained in every SiB kit.

Cricket South Africa

After-Schools Programme
Together with Cricket South Africa, we have multiple after-school hubs offering structured extra lessons to talented young cricketers in the afternoons using only a School in a Box and a single tutor. We’re able to supplement their school-based learning, much as we do with various other after-school users nationwide.

We’re partnering with and Teenactiv by digitising Life Orientation content, incorporating it into a dynamic portal, and making it available offline to learners at schools across South Africa. It’s a campaign to increase the awareness and reduce the incidence of underage drinking in high-risk communities.