Professor Jonathan Jansen:

“Every now and then a simple but powerful idea comes across my desk and demands attention. This is my experience with the School in a Box concept, which can truly revolutionise the local education space. Easily transportable, tablet-based lessons in key subjects based on the curriculum include spinoffs like community empowerment and job creation, and all of this on a low budget that recruit volunteers to make a big difference in the lives of children…

This indeed is the next big idea in South African education.”

The education crisis in South Africa shows little sign of abating:

  • Over 50% of young adults are unemployed and largely unemployable due to a lack of basic skills
  • Our maths and science education continually rate in the bottom 5% of all education systems worldwide.
  • Almost 60% of learners who start Grade 1 don’t make matric.

As Johann Rupert said, we are creating “a new generation of slavery”.

The School in a Box is designed to assist those who are working to solve this crisis: operators of after care programmes and homework clubs, NGOs working in needy communities, private and public schools,  as well as concerned citizens making an effort to help in their own communities.

Current clients include the Western Cape Education Department, as well as churches, schools and NGOs across the country.

The Social Project

The Social Project was founded in March 2015, and is a non-profit company with the ambition of eradicating extreme poverty in South Africa, and working towards eliminating the massive income inequality that exists here. It is registered in South Africa as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), which allows us to issue Section 18a tax certificates for donations of cash or in kind.

The Social Project operates iLearning Centres supported by the Social Drinks project which assists in generating awareness and income.

To date our primary sponsor has been Glencore, whose support has enabled the initial rollout of our iLearning Centres.


To support the Social Project financially, please email mike@socialproject.co.za – we are able to provide Section 18(a) certificates for tax exemption to South African taxpayers.