We work with various companies, organisations, and individuals as we pilot projects that can positively impact the current education crisis at scale. If you have an interest in pioneering with us, please have a look at the following ways that you can partner with us:

Customise Your
Course in a Box

Do you have the vision to customise some content for your students or audience? Due to the ease of adding new content and apps to the tablets, we help various organisations to customise content within our School in a Box. Adult education, surveys or focussed training can be created and used for your company or school. The costs for adding new content is minimal.


NGOs, orphanages, churches, sports bodies and schools use the School in a Box to offer academic support after school. One of our bigger after-school projects also involves tutors who manage the environment, while many organisations have staff who run sessions. Most centres do not charge learners, but some have additional offerings and charge enough to cover the salaries of their facilitators.

Low Fee Schools

To reduce costs, some schools have a facilitator operate the School in a Box using lessons pre-queued by a teacher, often using a flipped classroom methodology. Other schools utilise the Box during class time in a blended learning approach to improve teacher effectiveness in large classes. With the help of the School in a Box, teachers can divide the class into smaller groups with one group on tablets, one doing an exercise and one discussing the content.

Multigrade schools

Multigrade schools have among the worst academic performances nationwide. It is understanding as teaching multiple grades can be daunting. Using School in a Box allows learners in one grade to work on their own, while others can enjoy time with the teacher.

Coding projects

Coding is a helpful 21st-century skill, but it is not included in most syllabuses. We use a fully offline School in a Box system to give learners in rural and semi-urban communities the opportunity to learn how to code, culminating in assessments and even hackathons.

Micro schooling

We believe that in the medium to long term it may be possible to operate small, boutique schools using a School in a Box. We have many staff and partners developing and trialling this concept in South Africa and beyond.

Additional Learning Tools
or Homeschooling

The vast range of academic content, assessments and resources, and the simplicity of usage, allows the School in a Box to be used as an excellent tool for homeschoolers. Students progress at their own pace through the levels. This is perfect for children who need “extra lessons” and would be more comfortable to do them at home. Lessons and exercises can be tracked for progress and reports so that parents can monitor how their child is doing.

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Our Content Partners are Important

Creating quality educational content is a big job that we take very seriously – That is why we believe that it takes a village! We are thankful for partners that have added to our content, making it even more valuable for our learners .




We are working with local entrepreneurs to develop a way of using the School in a Box as a tool able to completely operate micro-schools in multiple contexts. We’ve also developed a solar power kit, which is being used for this project. Our project manager is piloting a similar test centre in Mitchell’s Plain, South Africa.

National Lotteries Commission

A project funded by the National Lotteries Commission, using the School in a Box to not only educate learners, but also to identify and report on major societal and community concerns in wards across South Africa with a view to reducing protest action and allowing more focused service delivery.

Ten schools in rural KwaZulu Natal are some of the 3000+ schools in South Africa alone with multi-grade classes. Imagine teaching learners from two to three different grades in a single class, with minimal resources. The School in a Box is clearly a potential solution to this large-scale challenge. In addition, learners from these schools are learning how to code using the offline lessons contained in every SiB kit.

Cricket South Africa

Together with Cricket South Africa, we have multiple after-school hubs offering structured extra lessons to talented young cricketers in the afternoons using only a School in a Box and a single tutor. We’re able to supplement their school-based learning, much as we do with various other after-school users nationwide.

We’re partnering with and Teenactiv by digitising Life Orientation content, incorporating it into a dynamic portal, and making it available offline to learners at schools across South Africa. It’s a campaign to increase the awareness and reduce the incidence of underage drinking in high-risk communities.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela



We could not do all that we do for the next generation of African learners without the support of our amazing donors. 

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