School in a Box


By choosing to Adopt a Box, you are giving the gift of education to children and youth across Southern Africa. You are giving them the gift of a future!

We believe that every learner deserves the opportunity for quality education – When you Adopt a Box, you are making that possible.

Our aim is to get a School in a Box system in the hands of as many teachers and after-school facilities as possible. While we have made every effort to make our program affordable, it is still an expense that many in the developing world cannot afford.



When you sponsor one of our School in a Box products, you are putting quality educational curriculum and Christian content into the hands of students who might otherwise never have access to something like this. Helping to educate the next generation is the key to unlocking Africa’s future.

When you Adopt a School in a Box product, you cab monitor the progress of the learners using that product from anywhere in the world simply by logging into our website – You can see the results of your investment in the learners in real time and witness the impact being made.

You can choose from one the below products to sponsor for children in need of quality educational resources:


SIAB Trunk – 10 tablets – R 56 074
SIAB Trunk – 15 tablets – R 73 888
SIAB Trunk – 20 tablets – R 93 863
SIAB Trunk – 25 tablets – R 108 963
SIAB Trunk – 30 tablets – R 122 820


SIAB Mini – 5 Tablets – R 32 775
SIAB Mini – 10 Tablets – R 46 517
SIAB Mini Pro – 5 tablets – R 31 338
SIAB Mini Pro – 10 tablets– R 46 485


School in a Box
Solo Tablet
– R 4 341


School in a Box Pocket
Connect up to 10 devices
– R 4 025


School in a box Hotspot
Connect up to 50 devices
– R 18 998


Solar System
Unit to support School in a Box when the power is out. – R 14 800

“Education is the key that unlocks the golden door to freedom.” 
— George Washington Carver