What do you mean by usable offline?
The School in a Box can now be used entirely offline, except of course for specific online apps – which are NOT necessary to complete lessons. All content, quizzes and data is stored on a local server within the Box. New lessons and apps are added monthly, either by going online (max 1 GB), or through a USB flash drive.
What is the difference between a regular School in a Box and the SOLO edition?
The regular School in a Box contains a minimum of 10 tablets in a trunk, with a server and a router included, and can be connected to the internet through an ADSL connection or a 3G sim card. The server caches all data to minimise data usage, and comes with all existing lessons pre-loaded. With the SOLO tablet, connectivity is through your own wifi and all lessons are streamed as you go through the lesson. In addition, the SOLO tablet comes with a keyboard cover and not just a protective cover. The SOLO is more suited to single users or small tutor groups that won’t benefit from the data savings generated by using the caching server.
What speed and data limit do I need to use the SOLO tablet?
This depends completely on how often you plan to use it. Each lesson uses between 20MB and 80MB, depending on the length of the video content, so two lessons a day, every weekday, would use approximately 2GB per month. In terms of speed, a 2 MB line is sufficient.
Can you track user info (M&E) reports on the SOLO?
Absolutely – there’s a full dashboard available to facilitators (“coaches”) which provides detailed data on every learner to a granular level.
Do I need an email address / PC?
No, this isn’t necessary with any version of the School in a Box.
What is the SCode system?
Some operators of a School in a Box charge learners a small monthly amount to access the lessons, out of which they pay their facilitators. These payments can be made at Checkers, Shoprite, U-Save, or the Post Office, using cash and SCode cards (provided), or through Webtickets at Pick n Pay stores.
How do license fees work?
For all versions, the first year’s licence fee is included. After that, a R300 per annum per tablet licence fee is payable. Multiple users do not pay extra fees, so a single tablet used by 5 users is still only liable for R300 per annum.
With a full School in a Box, does each child need his/her own tablet?
No, a single tablet can have multiple users.
If I have no ADSL cable, but we have Wifi connection, how would I connect the SiB server and router?
If the wifi router has ethernet ports, then you can simply plug our router into that.
Do I still need your router if I have my own?
We are wary of using other routers due to the amount of data being transmitted by up to 25 tablets simultaneously – so we prefer clients to use the included router.
If I want to add more tablets to the box later, how much will this cost?
Currently the standard 7″ Lenovo tablets cost R1 400 each – but bear in mind that you may also need new charging ports once the included ports are all being used – and that we can use other suitably specced android tablets of your choosing
What about theft or damage?
School in a Box owners are responsible for insuring the Box and contents – we provide you with an excellent insurance provider and package that you may choose to sign up with directly.

Boxes can be easily packed away into a secure store room or office area, or even taken away from the venue overnight. As tablets are “locked” into our system, they are effectively useless away from the router and server and this tends to eliminate theft concerns.